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Android Studio 
  1. Learn Android Studio 
  2. What is Android Studio ?
  3. Creating new Project in Android Studio.
  4. What is Gradle ?
  5. Fragment in Android Studio.
  6. Simple Photo Gallery List Fragment in Android Studio.
  7. Useful Shortcut's of Android Studio ( Tip's )
  8. Adding Parse as a Third Party Library in Android Studio.
  9. Features of Android Studio.
  10. What is Genymotion ?
  11. How to Install Genymotion ?
  12. Error : No JVM installation Found in Android Studio
  13. Adding Google Play Services Library to Android
Android Lollipop ( 5.0 )
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Ripple effect Animation Example !NEW
  2. Android Basic Tutorial : Floating Action Button Example !NEW
  3. Android Basic Tutorial : How to hide/show Toolbar when List is Scrolling !NEW
  4. Android Basic Tutorial : Circular Seek Bar !NEW
  5. Android Basic Tutorial : Grid in a ListView !NEW
Android LogCat
  1. Android Reading and Writing logs Logcat
Android Example
  1. Android Voice Recognition Example
  2. Android Vibrator Example
  3. How to Retrieve Installed Application List in Android ?
  4. Android Basic Tutorial : Count Down Timer Example
  5. Android Basic Tutorial : Single Line Text Scrolling in any View
  6. Android Basic Tutorial : Get the Current Date and Time
  7. Android Basic Tutorial : Pinch Zoom  !NEW
  8. Android Basic Tutorial : Differences in .dp .sp .px .dip .mm .in .pt !NEW
Text View
  1. Text View LongPress Event Example
  2. Android Basic Tutorial : Text View | Medium | Large | Small
  1. YouTube Video in Android Application
  2. YouTube Direct Lite for Android Application
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Button Example | Large Button | Small Button
  2. Android Basic Tutorial : How to Display Image on Simple Button and Image Button
  3. Android Basic Tutorial : Button Left | Right | Top | Bottom Image Set
Check Box & Radio Button
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Check Box
  2. Android Basic Tutorial : Check Box and Radio Button
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Intent Chooser Example
  2. Android Basic Tutorial : Intent Bundle Example
  3. Android Basic Tutorial : Displaying Map Using Intent
  4. Android Basic Tutorial : Using Intent Open Google Play
  1. List of Telephony API Permission's in Android
  2. How to make a Call in Android ?
  3. Print a Log in Telephony API.
  4. How to Read Contact Name in Android ?
  5. How to Read Stored SMS in Android ?
  6. How to Send SMS in Android ?
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Grid View Example
List & List View
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Sort List Example
  2. Android Basic Tutorial : Creating ListView with Section
Audio Manager
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Controlling Sound Setting with Audio Manager
File Input Output ( I/O )
  1. How to Read File in Android ?
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Dialog Example
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Font Example
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Custom Toast
  1. Android Basic Tutorial : Custom Menu's

Popular posts from this blog

Android Basic Tutorial : Get the Current Date and Time

Here’s a code snipped to get the current date and/or time. This snipped uses the Calendar object (java.util.Calendar) which is a useful class when working with dates.

//Get a calendar object for the current date and time Calendar CurrentDateTime = Calendar.getInstance();
//Example: Get current day of the month

Switch : Material Design Tips

From google material design documentation.
On/off switches toggle the state of a single settings option. The option that the switch controls, as well as the state it’s in, should be made clear from the corresponding inline label. Switches take on the same visual properties of the radio button.
The on/off slide toggle with the text “on” and “off” included within the asset is deprecated. Use the switch shown here instead. How to add? I. In your build.gradle add latest appcompat library. dependencies { compile ''// where X.X.X version} II. Make your activity extend publicclassMainActivityextendsAppCompatActivity{...} III. Declare your SwitchCompat inside any layout.xml file <"wrap_content"android:layout_height="wrap_content"android:checked="true"/> SwitchCompat is a backward compatible version of the Switc…